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Products & Services


Wire EDM and CNC Machining Services
Adept Corporation uses its Wire EDM and CNC capabilities to manufacture machine tools, PVC Extrusion Tooling, and equipment. These processes allow us to hold tight tolerances as well as develop intricate patterns and shapes.

Extrusion Hone Service
Extrusion hone is used in a wide range of finishing operations.  Inaccessible areas and complex internal passages can be finished economically and effectively.

EDM Drilling
In addition to traditional CNC machining, Adept can also provide small hole EDM machine work.  Drilling holes in any metallic material… even Carbide.  Drilling straight holes from .012 to .125 diameter.

For additional information on the machining services offered by Adept Corporation, contact Adept Sales at 1-800-451-2254 or 717-266-3606


In Line Nail Fin Die: In 2003, Adept introduced our third generation nail fin die.  It was developed in cooperation with one of the largest US manufacturers of window profile extrusions.  Its simple, solid design makes it a real workhorse on your extrusion line.