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Plastic Extrusion

Explore precision-engineered plastic extrusions by Adept Corporation, tailored to your needs.

Your Partner in Extrusion Excellence

Adept Corporation offers a comprehensive range of extrusion services, designed to meet diverse industry needs:

  • Large and Small Profiles: From robust large profiles to precision small profiles, we cater to all requirements.
  • Innovative Techniques: Including Cap Stock, Flex Co-extrusion, Triple Line Co-extrusion, and In-Line Fabrication.
  • Specialized Solutions: Offering Single Wall and Hollow Profiles, along with advanced Color Mixing/Measuring capabilities.

We are experts in handling materials such as PVC, Foam PVC, ABS, Acrylic, HDPE, and Polypropylene, ensuring quality and versatility in every product.

Industries Served:

  • Window Industry: Leveraging 40 years of experience, we provide essential equipment and hardware.
  • Tooling and Manufacturing: Our expertise extends to high-volume extrusion tooling for businesses across North America.
  • Innovation Leaders: Recognized among Central Pennsylvania’s top-growing companies, reflecting our commitment to progress and efficiency.

Our origin in tooling has propelled us into high-volume production, utilizing twin-screw extruders for efficient, cost-effective output. We pride ourselves on innovation, driving forward with technology to lead in our field.

Commitment to Our Customers:

We prioritize your needs, offering tailored inventory stocking programs to ensure materials are shipped from stock within three days or less. At Adept, commitment and service are not just words but principles we live by, ensuring your projects are successful and your demands met with precision and care. Join us in a partnership that values innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


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