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Wire EDM Service

Adept Corporation purchased its first Wire EDM machine in 1980, and it soon became an integral part of its manufacturing process. Since that time, Adept has replaced several wire machines with the latest EDM technology. The latest acquisition, in August of 2012, was a new SODICK model AG600L.  The new SODICK allows for faster burns, better finish, while using less wire. This translates to better quality at a more competitive cost.

Adept is a manufacturer of metal stampings and PVC vinyl extrusion, primarily for the replacement window industry.

Wire EDM is vital in manufacturing complex progressive stamping dies and PVC extrusion tooling. Adept’s Wire EDM technicians have years of experience holding close tolerances and processing multi- shaped parts.  Adept can provide engineering consultation, as well as standard machine shop services for a full service approach to your next project.

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