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Warehouse Completed

Posted in: November 2019 by Adept Corp


Construction has started:

Posted in: October 2018 by Adept Corp

Construction on our new warehouse facility began in early October 2018. This 85,000 sq ft addition to our manufacturing plant located at 4601 N. Susquehanna Trail will include additional manufacturing space as well as a warehouse area equipped with a state of the art racking system designed for the extrusion industry. This construction will allow us to increase efficiency to better serve our customers.


We are excited about the new construction and will provide updates as construction proceeds.

Adept planning for Expansion

Posted in: February 2018 by Adept Corp

To accommodate the continued growth, Adept is in the early stages of incorporating an 85,000 sq. ft. expansion to the current facility.  This project would not only provide additional manufacturing areas, but also substantially increase our warehouse capacity.  It would also eliminate the need to secure alternative, satellite locations for added volume in years to come.  The department would be equipped with a state-of-the-art racking system and maintained by specialized lift equipment designed for the extrusion industry.

We are excited about the latest venture, and we will provide updates in the near future.  Adept Warehouse Rendering 2018


Adept Expands Extrusion Capacity

Posted in: October 2016 by Adept Corp


In response to continued growth Adept Corporation is adding two new extrusion lines featuring the Milacron TP 75 Extruder. Line 11 and 12 are scheduled to be ready in early 2017 increasing capacity by 20%. 

On the cutting edge of Extrusion Technology Adept designs, manufacturers, and perfects all extrusion tooling in house.    

Adept Corporation started designing and manufacturing extrusion tooling in 1991 for the Window and Door Industry. The core of our success is the ability to take a project from design, thru manufacturing and into production. Our engineering department uses the latest technology to enhance their years of experience in extrusion tool and production design.  Our manufacturing department consists of a core group of skilled and dedicated employees. Using Wire EDM and CNC milling technology we assure the highest precision on our components to assure that our customers get the best possible products.

Adept Corporation continues to grow to better serve its customers.

Adept Fast 50 Companies

Posted in: August 2016 by Adept Corp

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In 2016 Adept Corporation was listed at position number 33 of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Central Pennsylvania.

2006 was the first year Adept Corporation was recognizes as one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Central Pennsylvania coming in at position 16.

Sponsored by Central Penn Business Journal, the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies program identifies the region’s most dynamic companies that have made significant contributions to the strength of our local economy.
Nominated companies are ranked according to revenue growth over a three-year period, with both dollar and percentage increases taken into consideration. This ranking formula leads to recognition of both large and small companies.


Adept Corporation continues to grow in the PVC Extrusion Industry. In 1991 Adept began to produce extrusion tooling for companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 2000 Adept moved into the Profile Extrusion Business supplying accessory profiles to extrusion companies and window fabricators.

Adept continues to develop innovative and aggressive processes to extrude small profiles at higher rates holding down costs and improving quality. Adept’s cutting edge extrusion technology has made us one the nation’s top accessory extruders.

Over the past 10 years Adept has continued to be amfast 50 on wallong the fastest growing companies in our area. In 2007 we were number 33 of the top fifty growing companies. In 2008 we were # 31, in 2011 we were number 44 and in 2015 we were back at number 16 of the Fifty Fastest Growing Companies in Central Pennsylvania. Again this year 2016 Adept will be among the companies with the fastest growth.


Congratulation to the Adept Corporation for emphasizing quality and service to their customers in the US and Canada.

What’s New at Adept Corporation, February 2013

Posted in: February 2013 by Adept Corp


Wire EDM Service

Posted in: November 2012 by Adept Corp


Adept Corporation purchased its first Wire EDM machine in 1980, and it soon became an integral part of its manufacturing process. Since that time, Adept has replaced several wire machines with the latest EDM technology. The latest acquisition, in August of 2012, was a new SODICK model AG600L.  The new SODICK allows for faster burns, better finish, while using less wire. This translates to better quality at a more competitive cost.

Adept is a manufacturer of metal stampings and PVC vinyl extrusion, primarily for the replacement window industry.

Wire EDM is vital in manufacturing complex progressive stamping dies and PVC extrusion tooling. Adept’s Wire EDM technicians have years of experience holding close tolerances and processing multi- shaped parts.  Adept can provide engineering consultation, as well as standard machine shop services for a full service approach to your next project.

Contact Adept

For questions concerning your next project or a quotation, contact Ruthie Hess at 800-451-2254 ext 15 or rhess@adeptcorp.com

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Adept has implemented Barcode Inventory and Shipping Control

Posted in: November 2011 by Adept Corp


Adept Corporation Extruded Products

Posted in: June 2009 by Adept Corp

We appreciate the opportunity to highlight the Extruded products and services of Adept Corporation.

In business since 1966, Adept has been producing Extrusion Tooling since 1991 and Extruded Product since 2000.

See our Extrusion Products page for more information

Adept continues to expand its Screen Spring options. Adept now offers this Screen Spring with a Bump.

Posted in: September 2008 by Adept Corp


Adept part # 9183x187BP

Packaged 5000 / Box

Minimum order 5000